The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 11:41AM

Albert Haynesworth doesn’t have much to say to us evil Redskin beat writers, but he’s done the opponent’s conference call the last two weeks.

Here are some of Haynesworth’s comments, according to the Tampa Tribune. (link here)


Haynesworth confirmed Tampa Bay offered him more money in free agency but only after he told the Redskins he would sign with them.

* On the Redskins defense:

“We’re not playing like we should. With all this talent, we haven’t even scratched the surface. We’re really cutting ourselves short and it’s kind of ridiculous. If you see this team come together before it’s too late, this team could be special. But if we continue to play like individuals, you’ll see this team fall apart and continue to go downhill.”

* On being pursued by the Buccaneers in free agency:

“Tampa really came after me hard in the few hours they had. It was actually after I told Washington that I was coming there that the Buccaneers offered me even more than the Redskins, but I had already said I was going here. The Bucs were looking to spend money and spend a lot of it. But with the sun and the water in Florida, there would have been a lot of distractions for me. Instead, I came to Virginia, where it’s cold and nasty. Football weather.”