The Washington Times - October 20, 2009, 02:12PM

Some of the non-quarterback highlights from Jim Zorn’s radio show today on ESPN 980:

*On the Redskins’ defense: “With Albert [Haynesworth] here, he’s brought a really good spark and a mean-ness. He goes hard when he’s in there and it’s inspiring to Andre Carter — he’s really turned his game up a notch. We thought this would happen once these things got into place – Andre would play better, Brian Orakpo would come off the edge and we have Phillip Daniels back. These guys are really going hard. With the rotation to give these guys rest, we can play hard for a long time.”


*On Haynesworth’s habit of writing in pain and/or struggling to get off the field: “He wants to show people, ‘Hey, I gave it all.’ … We said with him coming here, he would give us 60 percent of the plays. He’s certainly giving us that and [during] that 60 percent, he’s doing some damage. I don’t really care how he comes off as long as he’s ready to go back in.”

*On Orakpo eventually becoming a full-time defensive end: “I think he’s doing a heckuva job learning the strong-side linebacker position and he’s really been effective there, too. On the pass rush side, he’s really effective. I think we’re doing the right thing. There are very few games that have been impacted in a negative sense with him in the secondary.”

*On his play calling: “I have confidence in what I’m doing there. … I had confidence in what I was calling. I called a play that Clinton broke for 78 yards. I called the go routes and the things that work as well. But I don’t execute it – the players do.”

*On the promotion of Sherm Lewis to play caller: “I did not pick that. I think it’s going to be very difficult. We’re all going to have this challenge before us. We’re going to make the best of us. We’ll game plan in a similar fashion. We know it’s going to be pressure-filled and don’t know what the end results will be. We’ll be right in the mix and help him as much as we can.”

*On the ineffectiveness of the offense: “When we go into the game, we feel we can really go and then we come out of the game and we haven’t done that, that’s the frustrating part. There’s nobody more upset than me and yet I have to come back and get back in line. I have to keep our players focused and pushing toward where we want to be.”

*On the difficulty of coaching Monday night but calling the plays: “It will be very hard but I’m called to do hard things. Chuck Knox used to say ‘The hard man comes down the hard road,’ and that’s how we’re going to do it here.”

Ryan O’Halloran