The Washington Times - October 25, 2009, 02:51PM

As expected, there will not a Version Joe 3.0 for the Redskins.

Former coach and team president Joe Gibbs said today in Martinsville, Va., that he will not be returning to the Redskins.


Quotes from the Associated Press article:

*“That’s what it is. Talk. Right here’s where I’m GMing.”

*Coach Joe naturally shot down the theory that owner Dan Snyder make the head coach’s job more difficult.

“When I was there last go-round, we had somebody that was a passionate owner, cared about things and supported me in every way,” Gibbs said. “I think any NFL team, it’s tough when you’re not winning, and those things are easy to get off. All you’ve got to do is look around this year and Tennessee and some of the other teams are struggling that were real good last year.”

Gibbs talked before the NASCAR race in Martinsville. A person close to him squashed the rumor earlier in the week that Gibbs would return to the Redskins and hire a GM and coach.

— Ryan O’Halloran