The Washington Times - October 5, 2009, 01:12PM

Here are a few quick notes from Jim Zorn’s Monday afternoon press conference, which just wrapped up at Redskins Park.

- First up: Injuries, most notably to the punter, Hunter Smith. The MRI on the pulled groin, according to Zorn, “came out decent.” The bottom line, though, is that the team will bring in punters for a tryout on Tuesday (which is the day each week the players have off). They’re taking a “wait and see” approach, but Zorn said the pulled groin “is possibly going to keep him from participating.” He may keep Smith on the roster to hold for kicks, though.


Anthony Montgomery remains the only significant injury; he hasn’t played this season because of his knee injury. Albert Haynesworth played the whole game and “did a very nice job” and didn’t labor with his injury. Cornelius Griffin has a sore elbow, but he’s going to get taped up and play. Everything else falls under the “bumps and bruises’ category. Zorn added that the Redskins are not to the point of talking about putting Montgomery on the injured reserve.

- The coach delved more into the first half into second half adjustments the team made in Sunday’s 16-13 win over Tampa Bay. As I’m sure you remember, the Redskins were pretty severely outplayed during the first half and went into the locker room down 10-0.

The main problem was, according to Zorn, pass protection, which disrupted quarterback Jason Campbell’s rhythm.  “It took awhile” to get him back on track.

“I try to give him the kind of patterns and rhythms of a pass pattern that he’s comfortable with until he gets that rhythm back,” Zorn said about working with Campbell. “But eventually you have to play the game, you have to beat the defense.”

And eventually he did that, getting two touchdown passes and throwing for 110 yards in the second half (all in the third quarter).

Fortunately for the Redskins, they had the defense to rely on. “The defense kept us in the game,” Zorn said.

- Part of that defensive effort was second year cornerback Justin Tryon, who got a lot of work in the slot and, according to Zorn, “played an outstanding game.” In fact he had a sack on Bucs quarterback Josh Johnson on a corner blitz and finished with three tackles.

“He played tight in coverage, was very heads up on tackles, he put pressure on the quarterback,” Zorn said. “I hope he continues to improve.”

More later from the guys out at the Park.