The Washington Times - October 6, 2009, 06:35PM

Vinny Cerrato just wrapped up a conference call with reporters to talk about the hiring of veteran NFL assistant Sherman Lewis.

Cerrato said he approached Jim Zorn on Monday about adding a “fresh set of eyes.”


Cerrato said he and Zorn agreed that Lewis would be a good addition and they approached owner Dan Snyder Monday afternoon to approve the move.

“All we’re doing is adding a set of eyes,” Cerrato said. “I kicked around names of guys that were available and we talked about Sherman Lewis.”

Cerrato confirmed what a source told me — the duties on the offensive staff will not change. Zorn remains the play caller.

“Everybody will be doing what they’ve been doing,” Cerrato said.

Lewis hasn’t coached since 2004 but Cerrato didn’t seem worried that Lewis has been out of the NFL loop for so long.

“He’s a good resource for Him because they have so much background with Mike [Holmgren],” Cerrato said. “They’ll talk the same language right away.”

Obviously, this could be viewed as the beginning of the end for Zorn. And it probably is if the offense doesn’t get untracked.

— Ryan O’Halloran