The Washington Times - October 7, 2009, 02:07PM

At wind-blown Redskin Park, only three players aren’t practicing.

DT Cornelius Griffin (elbow), P Hunter Smith (groin) and DT Anthony Montgomery (knee).


Montgomery has ruled himself out for Sunday’s game in Carolina. Smith is unlikely to play. Griffin is expected to start.

The Redskins will have to make a roster move to allow P Glenn Pakulak to be eligible to play. Don’t be surprised if it’s a situation where a player is cut on Friday and re-signed on Tuesday if Smith’s injury allows him to get ready for Kansas City.

New offensive consultant Sherm Lewis was also on the field. He just observed the offensive team meeting this morning. The first full offensive staff meeting doesn’t take place until later this afternoon.

The players, as expected, endorsed the addition of Lewis but said in the end it’s up to them to execute better.

“I can’t see how it can’t help,” FB Mike Sellers said. “It can’t get any worse.”

— Ryan O’Halloran