The Washington Times - September 29, 2009, 01:22PM

A few more nuggets of note from Redskins coach Jim Zorn today on the Sports Fix on ESPN 980 with our very own Thom Loverro and Kevin Sheehan. No questions about job security this week, and the interview had a much more jovial tone than it has the last couple of weeks.

The quick hits:


- Zorn liked what he saw out of Santana Moss, who had by far the best day of his season.

“We saw some things we could take advantage of and we did,” Zorn said. “He had a real impact on the game.”

- He maintained that he thought the Redskins “Were in the game the whole way” against the Lions, especially after the touchdown to start the second half.” He also reiterated that he thought the team was headed in the right direction, it just needs to learn to score and close out games. So that fleshes out a bit more what he was trying to say on Monday, I suppose.

- Zorn weighed in on two calls, one more controversial than the other (at least in my opinion), from the loss to the Lions.

After looking at the video, he said the pass interference call on Chris Horton was the right call. Horton “was playing catchup all the way,” Zorn said. “It was a fair call. Unfortunate, but a fair call.”

He also talked to an official about that and the face mask penalty that was called, then taken back, by the referees. “They have to judge whether the head was yanked, whether the head turned,” Zorn said, referring of course to Santana Moss’ head.

Frankly he didn’t sound as convinced about that one, but it’s probably not worth the fine at this point either.

- On the Fourth-and-1: “I wish it was the right call. It turned out not to be the right call. We should have executed it a lot better.”

- Zorn also addressed the new QB in Tampa, Josh Johnson, who will be making his first start on Sunday against the Redskins at FedEx. What jumps out about Johnson is his mobility; he ran a 4.53 40 at the 2008 combine. The second year scrambled once last week in mopup duty for 15 yards. That’s a concern for Washington since Stafford had a couple nice runs in the Lions win, including one for first down (on third down).

“We have seen him on video, he’s more mobile than Byron [Leftwich] has been,” Zorn said. “We have to corral him. We can’t allow him to get out of that pocket.”