The Washington Times - September 19, 2007, 04:16PM
puts a finger on
Set the way-back machine for 1997! Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind and Primitive Radio Gods are the rock stars of the future. People are still walking around saying, “You are so money, baby!” Nobody’s heard of Napster, reality TV or Britney. Puff Daddy is all over the airwaves rapping, “Ten years from now we’ll still be on top,” which turned out to be half true. And everybody complains about how conservative Bill Clinton is — can’t wait for the real Democrats to take over in 2000. \ \ \ So let’s wade through the Lilith Fair parking lot and ask everybody the same question: Who’s still going to be famous in 2007, Alanis or Gwen? Trust me, everybody’s going to give the same answer — we’ll get ninety-nine Alanises for every Gwen. Everybody knows Alanis is the crest of a patchouli-scented, Lilith-sponsored future for femme folk rockers. That Gwen girl, she’s just a flash in the pop pan — outlasting Alanis? That’d be like predicting Green Day would stay famous longer than Pearl Jam! Talk to the hand! \ \ \ Ten years after, KT Tunstall is the kind of Alanis who gets over — the kind who borrows a lot of pop guile from Gwen. Her second album, Drastic Fantastic, would fit seamlessly into 1997, and it’s easy to imagine “Hopeless” or “Saving My Face” getting played on Lilith-era radio in between Paula Cole, Fiona Apple and Meredith Brooks hits.

Matt Yglesias