The Washington Times - July 24, 2013, 04:10PM

In Tuesday’s column, I explored the NCAA’s requirement for each school to have a concussion management plan on file.

Those plans are a key theme in the over 1,000 pages of internal NCAA emails and documents released last week in connection with a lawsuit accusing the organization of not doing enough about head injuries. Having a plan on file is the NCAA’s lone legislative demand of schools regarding concussions.


But in the documents, NCAA director of health and safety David Klossner admitted some schools don’t have a plan on file and, for those that do, the plans aren’t reviewed or enforced.

In other words, the legislation is toothless.

The plans, though, aren’t exactly groundbreaking. An example of one plan obtained from the University of Oregon through the Freedom of Information Act is below. The pivotal element of the NCAA’s concussions approach fills less than a page and a half.