The Washington Times - November 13, 2008, 12:05PM

In the nerdosphere (of which I consider myself a member in good standing), the most highly anticipated event in upcoming months is almost certainly the release of “Watchmen.” Directed by Zack Snyder (the helmer of “300” and the “Dawn of the Dead” remake), “Watchmen” is his adaptation of the comic series of the same name (considered by many to be the preeminent work in the genre).


Haven’t heard of “Watchmen”? Don’t worry, you will soon. The second trailer screens tomorrow before “Quantum of Solace,” and you should be able to see it tonight over at Yahoo.

But the most interesting aspect of the release is the multimedia blitz we’ll be subjected to before the movie actually hits screens; a multi-media blitz that will have an actual impact on how you enjoy the movie. First came news that Warners would be releasing a DVD cartoon of “Tales of the Black Freighter,” a comic book intercut into the main “Watchmen” story that serves as a (mildly pretentious) literary device. Now “Electronic Gaming Monthly” brings news that there will be a prequel video game, set some ten years before the events of the movie. This is something of a bombshell, as it provides more depth into the world created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons while simultaneously short-circuiting Warners’ ability to prequelize “Watchmen.” Mr. Snyder swore he would never make a prequel or a sequel of this surefire hit: Now we know why.

This isn’t the first time a much-awaited movie has hit all aspects of the cultural consciousness simultaneously: “The Matrix Reloaded” was released at the same time as the “Animatrix” DVD and the “Enter the Matrix” video game, both of which provided extra background to Neo’s world. One has to hope, however, that Mr. Snyder does a better job than the Wachowski brothers did…