The Washington Times - January 30, 2009, 10:57AM

In an effort to get audiences excited about the new Dreamworks movie animated feature “Monsters vs. Aliens,” the studio will be airing a 3D commercial for the feature. The Washington Times talked to studio head Jeffrey Katzenberg about the film earlier in the month, and he had this to say about the film and the technical advances it has utilized:

“The newer generation that has come along in the last four or five years used a much higher-end delivery system in the movie theater, better glasses and better tools for taking 2-D and post-producing it for 3-D,” Mr. Katzenberg explained. “So it was a pretty giant leap above what people had seen in anaglyph [the 3D system used until the introduction of digital theaters].

“But the next step up the ladder … is what happens when you have these super-high-end digital tools in which you can actually author in 3-D.”


Having seen twenty minutes or so of “Monsters vs. Aliens,” I can assure you it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Whether or not that transfers to home viewing — on a smaller screen, outside of a totally darkened room — remains to be seen. But you can judge for yourself this Sunday during the Super Bowl; just head to your local supermarket and pick up a pair of 3D glasses at the SoBe Lifewater displays and wait for the commercial break at the end of the second quarter.