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Maybe it's not too late

It's easy to view college students as lazy, fun-loving and interested only in getting rich, but that's an over-simplification. Some actually want to create something and earn a living at it.

Hello, and here's a prediction

I'd like to welcome all automotive enthusiasts, gearheads, technology mavens and those who just want to know what kind of car to buy, whether it's new or used, to my blog. I intend to cover every aspect of the world of automobiles from classic to present to future; industry trends; safety technologies; how these wonderful machines work and, yes, a whole lot about alternative fuels and drivetrains. I've spent a lifetime learning as much as possible about automobiles and over 20 years writing and talking on the radio about them. I'm even going to throw in an automotive trivia question regularly and I look forward to your answers. With all that in mind, I have a hunch about what will happen to Chrysler, so read on and give me your opinions. I can't wait to hear from you.