The Washington Times - June 2, 2008, 05:19PM

Dear readers,

This online community is intended to allow you to share experiences of faith. The idea is not to promote any particular religion, but to simply promote faith in general.


We are looking for accounts of true experiences in which you recount how your faith was broadened or reaffirmed, accounts that you feel could be helpful to others who may read them. They could involve many different kinds of experiences. Perhaps you have had an experience in which you were in a desperate situation, prayed for help and received a dramatic, even miraculous deliverance. Or perhaps you might tell how prayer helped you to forgive a seemingly unforgivable person, or how it led to the healing of a valued relationship. Your story might recount some experience that convinced you of the reality of a life beyond this one. Then again, it might be a story about finding a meaningful way to help people in your community, nation or the world. If you have a story about having been able to create a bridge of understanding and respect with someone of another faith, this kind of account would be especially welcome.

Please, if you have an experience to share that you feel might help or inspire another reader, write it briefly and e-mail it to We hope to post your story in this community so that others can benefit from it. We do reserve the right to edit accounts for clarity.