The Washington Times - July 10, 2009, 03:13PM



   All of us are aware that many people in the world right now do not have enough to eat.  The scarcity of clean water for drinking and water with which to grow food is also an increasing problem in many countries.
   In the hope that it will be interesting and helpful, the “Stories of Faith” community will from time to time, present links to current news articles or to press releases concerning efforts to help alleviate (better yet, to solve) food and water problems under the headline, “Food and Water Watch.”

   Here below is a link to an encouraging article in the Australian (newspaper) which describes a massive effort in Australia to provide water for its major cities following years of drought.  Many of Australia’s large cities used to draw most of the water they needed from rivers and dams.  Now, with the rainwater inflow into dams having declined by between 30 to 70 percent, the country is working to solve the problem through desalination and recycling plants.  The city of Perth has a completed desalination plant, and “desal” plants are under construction or being planned for Sydney and the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide.
   The article says that in less than six years, fifteen percent of  the water supply for the nation’s urban centers will come from desalination.