The Washington Times - June 9, 2009, 05:40PM




This is a message I wish could be conveyed to all young men everywhere:
Dear young friend,
   Would you like to know a secret about being happy in life?
   It’s simple.  Find one good young lady and build together with her, a relationship that will last your entire lives.  Base your relationship on absolute loyalty.
   How is it possible to build such a thing in today’s world, with so many pressures, stresses and temptations?  Try building on the basis of faith.  If the two of you pray for guidance consistently, practice loyalty and work with patience, forgiveness and wisdom, you can see your love grow steadily deeper and more beautiful as your marriage progresses over the years.  You will benefit immensely.  And if you are blessed with children, they will benefit immeasurably.
   To any reader who is interested,
If you like this short message and feel it has merit, please pass it on to young men (or young women) whom you know.  Perhaps your effort could be a real help to them — they might be more open to the idea than you expect!