The Washington Times - May 22, 2009, 08:01PM


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people worldwide, before thinking of themselves as Christians or Buddhists or Moslems or Jews or any other faith, could see themselves as members of a human family under the same one God?  I’m willing to bet that would make God really happy!

With this in mind, here is the link to a story in the   website about a large group of Richmond, Indiana residents who have begun a prayer service that has been held faithfully every day since Easter.  By the time the effort ends on May 29, they will have met in most of 28 different participating churches, not to mention a community center, a rehab center, two businesses, a high school and the city hall.  They pray together for a number of important things, including the appeal that people of Richmond who need jobs can find them, and that the city’s ailing economy can get better.  This is a great story, and if you would like to out more about the people involved, please use the following link: