The Washington Times - November 1, 2008, 12:38PM

The Straight Talk Express airplane became Spook Central on Friday night as Cindy McCain and daughter Meghan dropped back into the press compartment bearing gifts — Halloween masks for everyone.
With TV cameras rolling and photographers snapping, the wife and look-a-like daughter wheedled up the rows handing out plastic masks of dogs, monkeys and clowns, and a bunch of latex masks of characters from The Simpsons — Otto the Busdriver, Moe the Bartender and even one of C. Montgomery Burns (which your blogger was lucky enough to snag — Exxxxxxxxcellent!)
“Oh, this one’s perfect for you!” Mrs. McCain said one reporter. The bag running empty, she said: “I have left are girl ones!”


Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been at McCain’s side on the campaign trail almost nonstop for nearly two years, tagged along behind, doling out his own goodies.
The entire press pod donned their masks — most cost $5 (on sale) — for a group photo, which we’ll post here as soon as we get ahold of one.
– Joseph Curl, senior White House correspondent, The Washington Times