The Washington Times - October 7, 2008, 09:34PM

The Hawk n’ Dove is alive tonight with young locals whose eyes are glued to the television sets. It was noisy minutes before the debate, but just as 9 p.m. hit, the voices lowered and the TV volume was turned up high.

Four 20-something year-olds huddled around two pitchers of beer — glasses already half-empty.


After listening for at least 10 minutes into the first subject — economy — the group was smiling and snickering at both candidates’ answers to turn around the economy and about the $700 billion bailout package.

Sen. John McCain said that energy solutions and taxes, and the renegotiation of home mortgage payments to stablilze home values in America are the ways to “build trust and confidence” in America.

Sen. Barack Obama proposed cutting taxes for 95 percent of workers and their families.

“I’m deeply disappointed that neither of the candidates are talking about a balanced budget,” said Kirill, of Northern Virginia.

“i have a real issue with people bailing out Wall Street,” he added.

The group joked around and showed a napkin on the table penned with their “top 10” keywords which they said were moments to drink.

Their list includes: Economy, POW, change, running mate, maverick x 3, middle class, “makes a beak [with his hands” (Obama), George W. Bush, Senator Obama, Senator McCain.”

“Economy has been the real hit so far,” Kirill said. 

“We thought it would be funny to have a drinking game and list those ten,” his friend, Jerry said.

“It’s basically a satire against these guys [candidates],” Jerry said.


- Kimberly Kweder, online editor