The Washington Times - September 13, 2008, 11:45AM

MANCHESTER, N.H. Sen. Barack Obama held an abbreviated rally here this morning after scrapping his campaign schedule and plans to appear on Saturday Night Live to monitor Hurricane Ike.



Yesterday, before the storm made landfall, Obama aides promised a tougher candidate would hit back against Republican nominee John McCain.


Last night in Concord, the new Obama blasted his rival after some surrogates warmed up the crowd with red meat.


He also went after McCain as a Bush carbon copy. Here’s some video I shot:



And I had this story on today’s front page:


CONCORD, N.H. | After a week of being pummeled as a sexist who is trying to trash the opposition, a newly aggressive Sen. Barack Obama on Friday went after Sen. John McCain as out of touch, accusing him of telling outright lies.

Mr. Obama assured worried Democrats he would not let the hits against him stand, quoting Abraham Lincoln: “If you don’t stop lying about me I’m going to have to start telling the truth about you.”

At a rally here with 1,500 people, Mr. Obama railed on Republicans as avoiding talking about real-life problems facing Americans.

“They’ve been talking about lipstick, they’ve been talking about pigs, they’ve been talking about Britney, they’ve been talking about Paris,” he said, rattling off a series of McCain attack ad subjects.

“They will spend any amount of money and use any tactic out there in order to avoid talking about how we’re going to move America into the future,” he said, adding it has worked before but his supporters must fight the “standard operating procedure” and reject “the same old politics.”


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