The Washington Times - September 15, 2008, 12:07PM

In the midst of everything else, now advocates for tap water (yes, apparently there is such an organization) are upset that both John McCain and Barack Obama use bottled water.

I’m not making that up.

Here it is, straight from Tappening ( which says its mission is to encourage drinking only tap water and which counts a recent decline in bottled water sales as a victory:

“If John McCain and Barack Obama both care so much about the environment, shouldn’t they be demonstrating this while on stage in front of millions of people? The bottled water companies must love that their product is repeatedly placed into the hands of the two most highly visible people in the world right now. Not to mention their staffs and throughout campaign headquarters in many states across the country. It’s better product placement than Reese’s Pieces was in the movie ET!”

They say they’ve got a half-million dollar ad campaign in the works, targeting key campaign swing states, that will ask the candidates to ditch the bottles. Tappening says the ads aren’t meant to be political, but some viewers may take them that way.

Stephen Dinan, national political correspondent, The Washington Times