The Washington Times - December 31, 2000, 07:41PM



MSNBC’s Ed Schultz went off on another rant yesterday at Minnesota Radio AM950 Blue State Bash. He went after not only conservatives like Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R - MN), and Sen. Jim Demint (R - S.C.), he also attacked Sen. Joe Lieberman (I - CT) and Sen. Max Baucus (D - MT). At 4:33 in the video above, he goes after White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. (h/t Yid With Lid):

Mr. Gibbs and I had quite the conversation off the air the other night, and I’m gonna tell ya, I told him he was full of *$@&—- is what I told him. I mean… I did. And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb the same way Senator Leahy (D –VT) got it on the Senate floor. 

“So I told Robert Gibbs, I’m sorry you’re swearing at me, but I’m just trying to help ya’ out. I’m telling ya, you’re losing your base. Do you understand that you’re losing your base, and that The American people —-they don’t want a public option. The American people want single-payer.”