The Washington Times - August 27, 2009, 02:06PM

***August 28- Updated with Greg Palast Audio

Top rated conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh called the Obama agenda today fascist.  During a conversation with a caller who was critical of the Obama administration’s stance on health care, Mr. Limbaugh responded to the caller’s charge that the country will be “worse off under Obama and socialism.”  Mr. Limbaugh replied:       AUDIO


“It’s not socialism.  It’s actually fascism, and I think we need to be precise about this.  Socialism, technically, is when the government owns the means of production, and they don’t yet.  They own a couple of car companies, and they’re mucking that up, but fascism is where the private sector still owns businesses, but the government runs it.  The government in one way another is either in bed with the CEO or the management team or they rule by dictate and fiat.  Fascism is a more apt illustration of what Obama is establishing and setting up here, but they both are horrible.”

Mr. Obama is also disappointing some of his would be supporters on the left.  Greg Palast, a BBC reporter and Huffington Post writer, called the president “an absolute fascist nightmare,” as revealed by Naked Emperor News.