The Washington Times - August 28, 2009, 11:30AM

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the white pastor from Chicago’s predominantly black Saint Sabina Catholic Church, made some incendiary statements at Philander Smith College’s opening convocation on Thursday, reported the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette.  The clergyman first came to the national spotlight, when he gave a sermon at  President Obama’s own former controversial Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in May 2008 (see video below). Here are some of the charges made by Father Pfleger that were recently reported (subscription only):  

Pfleger said racial bias is “alive and well” in America and likened discrimination to terrorism.


He said terrorism in America did not begin with the Sept. 11,2001, attacks. Instead, he believes American terrorism began with the pilgrims on the Mayflower “who got lost and came upon a land and decided to take the first nation and enslave them.”

Father Pfleger also said:

“Yes, terrorism is old in America. Not only is terrorism old in America, it is seasoned, it is generational and it seems to have marinated in the very bloodstream of what we call America today,” Pfleger said. “I have no problem waving the flag, but let’s see the blood on that flag while we wave it.”

“I, in fact, believe I am a great friend to America, and I am a true patriot,” Pfleger said. “Because a good friend loves something enough to tell it the truth.”