The Washington Times - August 30, 2009, 04:06PM

In this video, a town hall attendee ripped into Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), on August 27th,  over health care among other issues. (h/t freedom’s lighthouse) :

“Thank you Congressman. My name is Bonnie Cohen. Im a patriotic, law abiding, tax paying citizen who clings to her religion. We the American people were fed up with Washington so we voted for change. But we did not vote to remake the nation! You may not be aware of it but we love this country! Im an Independent; Ive never been interested in politics. But, let me tell you Congressman that for the first time in my adult lifetime I am afraid for my country. I see Washington bankrupting our future one day at a time! From TARP to Stimulus to 9000 earmarks to auto bailouts to Cap and Trade. And now you guys want to take over health care after you screwed up housing. I think its fair to say that Congress has been acting stupidly! My question for you Congressman is; do you plan to go back to Washington and deliver for us what we actually voted for? Or is that above your pay grade and do you plan to just promote your own career and campaign every hour on MSLSD?”