The Washington Times - August 30, 2009, 05:03PM

During a health care Tea Party town hall in Tucson, Arizona yesterday, a proponent of Obama’s health care plan arrived with a sign promoting his stance.  When another attendee stood up to tell the sign holding Obama care supporter something, the pro-healthcare reform protester elbowed the other attendee in the face. (h/t gateway pundit).  Tucson Tea Party describes the incident like this:


As many of you in attendance witnessed, an Obamacare supporter loudly interrupted the meeting just after a TPD officer thanked us for always being civil and law-abiding at our events. This protester shouted over our panelists incessantly and, when approached, hit one of our attendees in the face with his elbow. The man who was assaulted kept his cool and TPD promptly removed the protester from the auditorium. Video of the incident can be seen at KGUN9’s newscast and Gila Courier.

Tea Partiers have been called extremists, racists, and mobsters in the past by the Pima County Democratic Party and our elected representatives. However, there has never been a single incident at any one of our events, as the Tucson Police Department clearly recognized. This incident clearly demonstrates that it is certainly not supporters of the Tucson Tea Party who are the mobsters, but the agitator who tried to provoke violence at an otherwise peaceful and educational event.

Our special thanks goes out to the man who was elbowed, as he refused to take the bait.