The Washington Times - December 17, 2009, 12:21PM

This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition passed on a massive whopper in one of its commentaries.

You can get health care there if you’re in a dire situation — say, if you’re pregnant or recovering from drug addiction. I know a few girls who got pregnant just to afford a doctor’s visit, or had another baby just to keep their health insurance.


NPR prides itself on its high journalism standards and quite often they meet them. There’s a reason I listen to NPR, usually I learn stuff. Yeah its biased, but there’s always original reporting.

But this is way over the line. This claim is one of those things journalists know as “Too Good to Check.” NPR, just like most under-staffed over-worked news orgs, doesn’t fact check commentaries by outside contributors, but somebody does read them. The claim of multiple girls getting pregnant JUST so they can afford to see a doctor is an obvious whopper to any editor who has had at least one cup of coffee.

I am sure it is just a big coincidence that this whopper happens to support the current liberal obsession with health care reform. NPR knows that they shouldn’t be broadcasting such obvious garbage, so I am sending a copy of this post to their ombudsman and I’ll report back what she says. If you want to let her know about the dubious propaganda our tax dollars are supporting, you can email Ombudswoman Alicia Shepard at mailto: The twitter handle is @ombudsman .


Update: The author says she is a Universtiy of Kentucky student. According to the latest data from the UK web site, students can get health insurance for about $75 a month, less than many pay for cell service or cable TV. (Hat tip to a comment on the web version of the NPR commentary.)