The Washington Times - December 2, 2009, 06:19PM

Virginia enacted a restaurant smoking ban Tuesday that’s similar to laws in D.C., Maryland and countless other states and cities.

The Washington Times:

“The new law allows smoking only in separately ventilated rooms, away from nonsmoking patrons. It also permits smoking on outdoor patio areas, and private membership clubs such as Elks Clubs or American Legion posts are exempt. Violators are subject to a $25 civil fine.”


Virginia bloggers comment:

Barticles: An accidental stroke of genius.

“It’s hard to know if Tim Kaine is telling the truth in this story about his proposed cigarette tax hike and the smoking ban.”

Anti-BVBL: Virginia Restaurants Now Smoke Free.

“No one can justify smoking.  However, is that the principle issue here?  It would seem to me that the restaurant owner should be the one who determines if a smoking is allowed or not.  Those customers who do not want to be around it would simply go to restaurants that are smoke free.  Capitalism at its best.”

Now at the Podium: Thoughts on the smoking ban.

“Lest we forget, a lot of tobacco companies do business in Virginia…they could very well take their business, their jobs, and their tax revenue to another state if we keep demonizing innocent civilians who happen to enjoy cigarettes.”

From On High: It’s for their health, you see.

“Spare me the rejoicing over smokers’ health being saved. After all, human beings are now going to be forced by law to stand out in sub-zero cold and biting wind to sate their nicotine habit.  For their health?”

On the Western Banks of the Shenandoah: Thank you for not thinking.

“Here’s some snark from the gang at the Weekly Standard for this, the second day in which Virginia is a slightly less free place to do business.”

From On High: Enjoy the day.

“A liberal Roanoke Times columnist is celebrating this morning the heavy hand of government coming down on the least powerful and most abused segment of American society - the smoker.”

From On High: Roanoke Times columnist wants your two cents.

X Curmudgeon: Breathing easy!

The Shad Plank: Gov. Kaine’s victory tour and more.

“It has been interesting to watch some Hampton Roads bars and restaurants build completely separate smoking sections with stand-alone ventilation systems, the only way that a restaurant can still actively cater to the smoking crowd.”