The Washington Times - December 21, 2009, 02:42PM

Here’s a good use of New York taxpayer dollars: salaries for EMTs who only save lives when they aren’t eating. While lunching at a Brooklyn, NY, Au Bon Pain Dec. 9, two of New York City’s finest were asked for medical asistance for pregnant cafe worker Eutisha Revee Rennix, 25, who was complaining of stomach pains and shortness of breath. Did they drop their baguettes and rush to the woman’s aid? Nope. Just as helpfully, the two medics advised the other Au Bon Pain employees to call 911 because they were not on the clock and thus couldn’t help.

“I remember them saying they couldn’t do anything because they were on their break,” a witness said, according to


Accordng to a union representative, there is no such thing as a responsibility-free break during which citizens are either not allowed to need medical aid or EMTs are not required to aid them. Medics have a resposibility to help those in need when they are in-uniform, and their refusal to attend to Rennix constituted an “act of abandonment.”

Rennix collapsed and began foaming at the mouth shortly after the medics left. She was rushed to a hospital a mile away and pronounced dead a half-hour later.

The EMTs, whom New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicy chastised, have been put on paid (!) but restricted leave, presumably so they cannot offer services such as telling other people to call an ambulance.