The Washington Times - December 23, 2009, 05:25AM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Chairman Mao Adorns White House Christmas Tree, Democrats Protect Federal Employees From Health Care Overhaul, and Ammunition Control by the Obama Administration.

  • NewsReal: Chairman Mao Adorns White House Christmas Tree
    President Obama and our first lady have chosen a lovely ornament featuring China’s mass murderer, Chairman Mao, to adorn our national Christmas tree at the White House.    
Why is the Senate ‘protecting’ federal employees by keeping them in their own, separate plan? Isn’t the whole point to aggregate as many consumers as possible, to enhance negotiating power and better average risks across a large pool? Further, why force OPM to operate two separate, but equal plans - wouldn’t it be simpler and less costly to merge the plans?. 
In other words, the reasons behind the current shortage, as the well as the price increases on what little ammunition is available, are both governmental and nongovernmental in nature.