The Washington Times - December 3, 2009, 06:24PM

The New York Senate voted 38-24 against legalizing gay marriage Wednesday.  The 30 Republicans that unanimously voted ‘no’ on the measure were joined by eight Democrats.  Democrats hold the Senate majority by one seat.

NY Daily News:


“After two hours of emotional and often deeply personal debate, the Senate voted down the measure 38-24, effectively killing its chances before next year’s elections.

“Democrats couldn’t muster enough votes on their own and some Republicans who were open to the idea voted no because they were fearful of a conservative backlash, advocates said.

“New York now joins a list of 31 other states to shoot down gay marriage. Five states have approved same-sex unions.”

The outcome of the bill shellshocked advocates who garnered major political endorsements and spent upwards of $1 million on lobbying efforts, reports the New York Times.

“In Albany on Wednesday, proponents had believed going into the vote that they could attract as many as 35 supporters to the measure; at their most pessimistic, they said they would draw at least 26. They had the support of Gov. David A. Paterson, who had publicly championed the bill, along with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the Senate Democratic leadership.”

New York bloggers comment:

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“… the governor, the bill sponsor and gay-rights advocates vowed to continue their fight for passage. Proponents of the bill chanted ‘Shame’ and ‘Equal rights now’ and ‘Gay, straight, black, white, marriage is a civil right’ at GOP senators and gay-marriage opponent Sen. Ruben Diaz, D-Bronx, as lawmakers waited for elevators after leaving session.”

Monroe Rising: Gay marriage goes down big!

“Looks like Malcolm Smith and the Senate Democrats lied to everyone last year when they collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from gay activists in exchange for promises of passing a gay marriage bill.”

ReformNY: Albany revealed.

“There’s a long tradition in Albany of avoiding votes on controversial issues and bills, either because the bills are popular, but opposed by powerful interests with deep pockets, or because an up or down vote would inevitably tick off one group of consituents or another. This can be a good deal for legislators.”

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“Patricia Lynch Associates and Steve Boggess from the Featherstonhaugh lobbying firm took it on the chin after being brought in by the Pride Agenda to deliver votes on gay marriage.”

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The Village Voice:

“The vote was taken after two hours of debate, ending with an impassioned plea by Senator Duane, during which time sniffling and crying could clearly be heard in the Senate gallery.”

Gawker: Gay marriage vote and debate

“The State Senate generally doesn’t vote on anything until passage is ensured, but, to his credit, Governor Paterson pushed the Senate to actually vote on the marriage bill instead of letting it wither and die in legislative gridlock, as Senate leaders preferred.”

Times Union: NY voters support gay marriage according to polls.