The Washington Times - December 30, 2009, 11:52AM

If there were an eye-rolling emoticon, Israeli bloggers would have about worn it out in the last few days. Many of those writing from Israel, a country which knows a thing or two about dealing with the terrorist threat, have been surprised by the fallout from the attempted Christmas Day plane bombing.

As news of new, even stricter last-hour flight rules surfaced, writers in Israel were incredulous.


When a young child’s sleep is disturbed because it’s “no pillow time” on the plane, you know that idiots are in charge,” wrote the Shiloh Musings blogger. “Instead of wasting their time and efforts on disturbing a child’s sleep, they should be watching those who could be terrorists.”

A blogger for Sultan Knish also scoffed at the new rules, calling them “overreaching.”

“[W]hile the TSA rushes to implement a new set of overreaching regulations that will accomplish nothing except to make passengers miserable, before quietly abolishing them after a month or two, Abdulmutallab’s success demonstrates the futility of airline security as we know it. The TSA, the CIA, the NSA did not stop Abdulmutallab even though his own father had given them advanced warning, and his profile should have tripped numerous switches. A passenger sitting next to him did that. Just as it was the passengers that saved the White House on 9/11.”

The blogger at Israel Matzav (which means “the Israel situation”) dismissed the notion now being bandied about of bringing “full body” scanners into wider use.

He called it “the next invasion of privacy that American air travelers will be asked to endure in order to avoid doing what ought to be done to prevent terrorism in the air,” and wrote: “[T]he money should be spent looking for terrorists and not for the things they carry with them. That’s correct. Now all you need to add to it is profiling once they get to the airport as the final precaution.”