The Washington Times - December 4, 2009, 05:56PM


The White House hosted a jobs summit on Thursday. A large portion of the jobs summit involved pushing what has become known as “green jobs.”  Apparently, the Obama administration’s strategy is to kill jobs in an entire industry like coal, so he can prop up his friends in the green energy industry. 



Mr. Obama joined those at the clean energy break out session and reminded them that the cap and trade bill still needs to pass the Senate. The president emphasized the importance of creating a positive image on the energy issue.  The climategate emails showing that climate scientists were being deceptive with global warming data were never discussed. The main goal on the president’s mind was to gather supporters from the business community to help pass the cap and trade bill in the Senate. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE):

 “We focused a lot on energy efficiency. I think that’s something that should have an immediate rapid impact. The most important thing we talked about here is packaging and marketing, and I think all of us understand here what it could accomplish in relatively short order, and so we may be asking some participants here to help us think through how that gets done in a way that jumpstarts what could be, what you said Terry, I think, a multi-year investment.”


Every business in the country will be affected by the carbon tax that the president wants imposed. How is this an incentive for businesses to hire further or not lay off further employees, when more of their money is going to pay off their newly post cap and trade enormous electricity bill? Mr. Obama said himself that electricity rates would “skyrocket” under his plan (SEE VIDEO ABOVE). In another attempt to pitch a marketing campaign, the president talks about the presenting carbon taxation to the American people, so the public reacts positively.:(bolding is mine)

“I don’t want to lose that on renewable energies there’s enormous potential as well. As I said before, our biggest challenge there is getting carbon priced properly. I would suggest to all of you, there is going to be an energy debate in the senate, and a diverse group that is willing to go to bat who are not the usual suspects—-business, industry…just making some very strong stances on this issue, so that the American people understand this is not a jobs killer but a jobs grower is going to be absolutely critical over the next several months.”

The president has no issues imposing emission standards, smart meters, and carbon taxation on all of us, but when it comes to his presidential motorcade, that is another story. A participant proposed to Mr. Obama, “The cheapest cash for clunkers program you could implement is if you announced tomorrow that you are ordering the secret service to give you a Ford Explorer hybrid car and that every car in your motorcade would be an American-made hybrid car.”   

 The President barely batted an eye, when he responded jokingly to a table of laughing clean technology promoters saying,:

“The car I have is a little heavy. As good as hybrid technology has become, it would not go faster than fifteen miles per hour. It’s the specs.”


 Back in 2008, he told a group of reporters in San Francisco the coal industry would be bankrupted under his cap and trade plan (SEE VIDEO ABOVE). During Thursday’s breakout session, he hinted he wanted to see green energy succeed, but it presently remains too expensive, and coal will continue to be an inexpensive product, unless cap and trade passes, and the coal industry is forced to deal with carbon regulation.:(bolding is mine)

“I just want to plant that flag now, so that when we come calling, you guys who are members of the chamber or business round table or others, we’re going to need you there. Otherwise we’ll get sporadic progress here, but as you know the unit costs on a lot of these renewable energies, if you’re not factoring carbon in, you are not going to be able to catch up to coal. You just can’t. Coal is going to be substantially cheaper for the duration unless people are taking into account the externalities that industry produces.”

 So by admitting that coal is cheaper than renewable energy sources, the president also says he needs help to pass cap and trade, so coal becomes as expensive as green energy, so green businesses can compete through tax payer subsidies. In turn, the coal industry is targeted for job losses to make up for the financial slam coming from federal government carbon regulations. This is what liberals mean by “leveling the playing field.” We all end up paying.