The Washington Times - December 9, 2009, 08:24PM

Rep. Mike Burgess (R - TX) wrote to President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan today, referencing today’s Washington Times editorial on Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Assistant Deputy Secretary Kevin Jennings. The congressman requested Mr. Obama dismiss Mr. Jennings from his job as the Department’s Safe School’s Czar. Mr Burgess addressed his concerns on the presidential appointee. 

In the letter, he wrote that he and other Members had written Mr. Obama previously regarding “the type of behavior Mr. Jennings has been promoting to school age children.” He continued, “However, the premise of the enclosed The Washington Times editorial heightens the complete lack of regard this Administration has followed regarding sexual relationships between adults and children.”


Rep. Burgess added this firmly, “Must I remind you that such behavior is never ‘okay’-and is illegal. The Texas congressman also added “IT IS CRIMINAL” and that the administration is “standing by quietly” while Mr. Jennings is protected by a presidential appointment.

Check out the entire letter here.