The Washington Times - June 14, 2009, 12:22PM

Some recent information on the civil uprising in Iran, gleaned from various sources:

The Real Vote Count?: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in his official victory statement, “In an epic presence, almost 40 million people participated in a completely free election and this is a great and proud record all over the world. They chose the path to the future, the path for dignity and pride.” Official figures showed Ahmadinejad winning over 60% of the vote, well above the 50% threshold necessary to avoid a runoff election. But the count is widely believed to be fraudulent. Al Arabiya reports, “several analysts charged Iran election results were “not credible” given several indicators of vote rigging as [Mir Hoseyn] Mousavi lost the balloting in his own hometown and Mehdi Karroubi, the other reformist candidate, received less than one percent of the total vote according to the Iranian committee’s official counts.” A source from the Ministry of Interior said that the real results were 42 million votes for Mousavi, and only 5.6 million for Ahmadinejad. Iran’s Militant Clerics Society has called for the vote to be annulled and a new election held.


Opposition Arrests: Mousavi and Karrubi, along with former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, met at the home of Hashemi-Rafsanjani to plan a response to the election fraud. Mousavi issued a letter denouncing the election and saying “the traitors to the nation’s vote have no fear if this house of Persians burns in flames.” Karrubi issued a statement calling the vote “engineered” and the result of “amateur fixing.” Later Musavi, Karrubi and Khatami, along with his wife were arrested or placed under house arrest. All leaders of the opposition Islamic Participation Front and the Revolution’s Mujahidin Party have been rounded up.

Student Unrest: Regime riot police are battling students at Tehran University and have reportedly attacked a women’s dormitory. There is also reportedly a unrest at Esfehan University of Technology, where many students have been arrested and the faculty is said to have resigned.