The Washington Times - June 7, 2009, 12:08PM

Black Agenda Report’s Bruce Dixon joined Sirius XM’s  Left channel’s Mark Thompson on May 27th and questioned some of Mr. Obama’s policies.  Mr.Dixon, the managing editor of asks some telling questions about why those who opposed former President George W. Bush on particular policies support Mr. Obama who is continuing many of those same Bush era policies.

He told Sirius/XM radio host Mr.Thompson, 


“Barack owes his career in part to his early opposition to the Patriot Act, but as soon as he got in to the senate he voted for it, and now what we’re seeing in office is that preventive detention is now a good thing instead of a bad thing, and so many of the people who opposed it under Bush and who would be out for his scalp on this…’just shut-up and laid back…and pretend this is just another day—ho-hum’, so we need to ask ourselves, what kind of people are we that allow our political conversation to be decided not on the issue but on the personality of the president or the color of his skin.  Maybe it’s okay that Barack does this, because he’s black and well spoken as opposed to a smug white frat boy like George Bush, so you don’t have to change the policy, maybe that’s the message for America …is you don’t have to change the policy, just change the package.” Audio Link

Flip flopping on conservatives is one thing when it comes to the Obama administration, but liberals will not put up with it if they are on the short end of the stick.  Conservatives may have complained that George W. Bush was not conservative enough, but could Mr. Obama be facing a similar problem with his own liberal base, because he is appearing too moderate for them?