The Washington Times - June 8, 2009, 05:17PM
NBC’s Today is jumping on the Obama teleprompter bandwagon, and poking fun at the president for his constant use of the teleprompter.  “Barack Obama’s Teleprompter Blog” (a.k.a. TOTUS), an anonymous web blogger, has become so much of an internet sensation, it may have been difficult for networks  to ignore why Mr. Obama uses the teleprompter more often than any other previous U.S. president.

However, conservatives have been talking about Mr. Obama’s teleprompter for some time, and Mr. Obama’s defenders on the left accused conservatives of having an obsession with the president’s teleprompter.  It is interesting to see a program that is not on the Fox News Channel line-up talking about this now.  NBC’s Today played the video below this morning discussing the president’s very special teleprompter.