The Washington Times - November 1, 2009, 08:22PM

*Updated with information on bloggers who were on the call - 10PM 11/1/09

In a conference call with reporters and bloggers, Doug Hoffman campaign spokesman Rob Ryan addressed his concern about the possibility of ACORN interfering in New York’s 23rd district. Mr. Ryan referred to a case in Troy, New York where the Working Families Party was recently caught in a voter fraud case. Mr. Ryan said:


“A special prosecutor was named at the end of September, because Working Families Party was infvolved in the forgery of absentee ballots, and they caught them red-handed.  This is something we are afraid of here in the district. We are afraid of the unions coming in, of ACORN coming in, of Move-on types coming in, and we want to see a clean legal election. We know if that’s the case, we win. Our Chief counsel is going to court tomorrow morning in Essex county. The ballots that are being counted…the voting machines could not have them added, so there are paper ballots out there, and we do not want paper ballots being counted at the polling places. We want them counted with the absentee ballots at the board of elections.”

The call was organized  by the American Conservative Union’s political action committee.  Bloggers on the call included: John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Ed Morrissey of, Moe Lane of, Washington Independent’s David Weigel, and Washington Times news reporter Amanda Carpenter. Several local New York bloggers were also on the call that was hosted and moderated by Robert Stacy McCain of the American Spectator and GOP activist Ali Akbar.