The Washington Times - November 10, 2009, 02:35PM

David Frum nails it today. A favorite target of conservatives (including myself at one point), Mr. Frum gets it right on his blog post about how our tip-toeing around the issue of racial pro-filing resulted in the Fort Hood disaster. Here are two excerpts.

But again – the alternative to ethnic profiling is not declining to react to suspicious behavior by a Muslim person lest we somehow corroborate a stereotype. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Indeed, hardly any Muslims are terrorists. But when authorities begin to receive credible information that one particular Muslim might be dangerous – especially if that person wears the uniform of the United States – it beggars belief that they would hesitate to act.

Yet hesitate they did. Too bad Hasan didn’t try to smuggle a bottle of water aboard an aircraft. Then of course they’d have thrown the book at him.

Indeed. The folly of security which makes everyone feel good about themselves, while it ignores eminent signs of danger from an individual like Major Nidal Hasan in the name of high holy tolerance, did those who suffered a horrible fate at Fort Hood no favors.

Unfortunately, our government is reacting like it did with shoe-bomber Richard Reid. The reaction was just as silly when it received intelligence that terrorists were trying to figure out how to create liquid explosives on board commercial airplanes. The government  will look for the problem in the military this time around, like they look for problems in people’s water bottles and shoes at the airport.