The Washington Times - November 11, 2009, 05:55PM

Republican Governor Jodi Rell announced that she will not seek reelection when her term expires in 2010.  Rell has enjoyed relatively high poll numbers during her term, even through state budget difficulties. Her decision has sent the state’s GOP scrambling to find a candidate with enough name recognition to win the office in a largely Democratic state. 

Rells planned retirement adds additional drama to the 2010 gubernatorial elections when 37 contests will decided the political landscape across the nation.

Connecticut bloggers comment on Rell’s announcement and the 2010 election:

CT News Junkie: Following announcement Rell’s approval rating spikes.


“A new poll released just one day after she announced she wouldn’t run in 2010 shows Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s approval rating shooting back up from its all time low of 59 percent.”

Connecticut Bob: Jodi Rell is a nice lady.

“Just because I’m a guy who writes a blog that is decidedly liberal in it’s slant doesn’t mean I can’t be appreciative of Gov. Rell for her years of service to the state.”

Capitol Watch: Rell planned later announcement.

Capitol Watch: Friend says Lou Rell must be happiest man in the state.

Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State: Lauds at Rell leave-talking.

“It is therefore not surprising that when Rell decided not to pursue another run as governor, reporters beating the bushes to find someone in the Democratic camp who might be willing to say something pleasant about the departing governor were amply rewarded.”

Capitol Watch: Dem leaders reflect on Rell’s remaining term.

“Merrill said she expects Rell to show her true political stripes as she grapples with the state’s fiscal crisis in her waning months. If she is a fiscal conservative, Merrill said she expects to see Rell vigorously pursue tax cuts. If she is more of a conciliatory moderate at heart, the outcome will be different.”

Authentic Connecticut Republican: Class.

“She has the intellectual integrity to have never bothered, or needed, to develop a “Public Persona” - she’s comfortable with who she is, and judging from her stratospheric popularity numbers, so are we.”

BristolToday: Blumenthal Surprised by Rell decision.

Capitol Watch: Rick Green reacts to Rell announcement.

ELECTION 2010 Rell announcement cues the GOP shuffle.

Capitol Watch: Fedele says Rell’s backing him, BUT OOOOOOOOOOOPS!

“Fedele told reporters that Rell has assured him privately she’ll support him for the party’s 2010 gubernatorial nomination over any other Republican contenders.

“After he said that, reporters asked him follow-up questions - to make sure that Fedele was saying the governor had told him in private that he would support him, even if other Republican candidates competed with him for the party’s nod.

“’Yeah, absolutely,’ he replied.

“But things were not so absolute a day later…

Capitol Watch: Poll reports women voters preffered democratic challenger to Rell in 2010.

“In an intriguing facet of the latest Quinnipiac University poll results released Tuesday, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz - the only woman in the Democratic party’s field of 2010 gubernatorial hopefuls - led Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell among women voters in a theoretical election matchup next year.”

CT News Junkie: Blumenthal ‘Listening’ On Governor Run.

“In a visit to New Haven Tuesday morning in the wake of Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s bombshell decision not to run for reelection, Dick Blumenthal reprised his quadrennial Hamlet routine.

“To be a candidate for governor? Or not to be?”

Connecticut Local Politics: Blumenthal not ruling out running.

“With an overall job approval rating of 78% (even better than Jodi Rell’s) which spans Republicans (70%), Dems ( 84%) and Independents (79%) Blumenthal would certainly shake things up if he did get in the race. But that’s the perennial question, isn’t it?”

Capitol Watch: Dems scrambling for gubernatorial candidate with name recognition.

“Those with high name recognition believe it shows their level of support, while those without it often say that the numbers will improve as the race moves on.

“If the Democratic primary was being held today, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz would be the winner with 26 percent, followed by Greenwich multimillionaire Ned Lamont with 23 percent, according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll.

Connecticut Local Politics: Former Speaker James Amman says stars are aligning for his bid for guv.

Capitol Watch: The governor’s office doesn’t tempt GOP Senate candidates.

BristolToday: Reels decision doesn’t surprise political leaders.

Your CT: Political fallout

“For now though, it looks like Cafero and Fedele are the front runners. Both hail from Fairfield County, leaving them open to a challenge from upstate from someone like Rob Simmons, a former congresscritter.”