The Washington Times - October 14, 2009, 10:40PM


Matthew Whalen, the Eagle Scout in upstate New York who was suspended for having a pocket knife in his car received reassuring news from West Point today.  Attending the prestigious New York military academy was always a dream for Matthew since the first grade.   News 10 Albany reports:

The military academy he’s wanted to attend since first grade has told Matthew not to worry.

“The Director of Admissions at West Point called and told me that this would be a non-issue for my application there,” Matthew says.  That’s no guarantee that he’ll be accepted, but Matthew says it’s an assurance that the suspension won’t be the reason he doesn’t get into the school.”

Matthew, however, still remains under suspension. Six-year old Zachary Christie, the Delaware Cub Scout who was facing reform school for forty-five days after bringing a camping utensil to class also received good news today as well.  School administrators threw out his punishment, so Zachary is back in his old school again.

Unfortunately, it took heavy national media attention for both of these boys’ stories to receive any kind justice. The real problem lies within zero tolerance policies that can be unfairly stamped upon good kids by ignorant bureaucrats.