The Washington Times - October 15, 2009, 03:36PM

UPDATE: The balloon boy, identified as Falcon Heene, never took flight it appears, CNN now reports.  Falcon was grounded and apparently found in a box hiding in the attic of his family’s Fort Collins home, authorities say.

Was this a hoax for publicity?


The Heene family, featured on the show Wife Swap and amateur scientists, seems to have enjoyed publicity in the past.

The Denver Post includes informative biographical info on the family.

Here’s a video of the children rapping in parody music video.


UPDATE: The balloon is now on the ground, but the six year old boy was not in the basket, says a law enforcement source. No information is available as to the whereabouts of the child as of yet.  The balloon was in the air for more than two hours. 


An unusual event is playing out near Denver.  A six-year-old-boy was apparently, by accident, lifted off in a homemade air balloon crafted by his Fort Collins family.

Descriptions of the aircraft makes this actually feel like the first live documentation of a UFO kidnapping.  

From the AP:

“The bizarre scene played out live on television and prompted fears that the flying saucer-shaped balloon would crash with the young child inside”

Local station 9News is chasing the balloon in its chopper as the poor boy flies aimlessly across the state.  Although creative, the military doesn’t have a protocol for this.

“…the military will likely be needed to help with this rescue effort as they are familiar with creative uses of aircrafts to rescue soldiers from difficult locations.”

This blogger, a University of Colorado graduate, is floored that this story didn’t originate on planet Boulder.