The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 04:58PM

The 911 call with Falcon Heene’s parents has been released. CBS News has it here.

Both parents sound distraught, but that’s to be expected whether or not their story is genuine or a hoax.

The highlight of the audio clip comes in the form of a sound bite from the 911 operator, when she is forced to ask Falcon’s mom, Myumi Heene: “Does he know how to work the flying saucer?”

Earlier in the day, Falcon vomited on two morning TV shows  airing on NBC and ABC. It appears Falcon would become sick when asked whether or not the loose balloon was part of an elaborate hoax.

It seems like the kid is under a lot of stress to say the right thing from now on.



Meanwhile, the Denver Post reports Larimer County Sheriff,  Jim Alderden, said his office will re-interview the Heene’s and talked to county’s child-protection agency about the family.

“‘In light of the boy’s statement, we want to clarify that and put it to rest,’ Alderden said during a noon press conference outside his Fort Collins office that was carried live on local television.”

A homevideo of the balloon initially taking off with the entire family present, has been posted by Denver station 9News.  Robert Heene is shown visibly angry while kicking at the ground as the balloon lifts off.