The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 02:04PM

The state senate Thursday signed off on a measure that would allow the people of Illinois to remove their governor under in certain circumstances. Sixty-percent of voters still must vote ‘yes’ in November 2010 elections for the amendment to pass.

The senate approved the legislation by a nearly unanimous 56-1 vote. The one vote against the measure was by a Democrat — surprisingly not named Blagojevich — Mike Jacobs of East Moline, who questioned whether the threat of recall would “lessen the independence of a governor.” 

The Chicago Tribune offers more details about the legislation:

“If approved, the recall power would be limited to the governor. Several hurdles also would have to be cleared to put a recall in motion, including getting as many as 520,000 voter signatures and sign-off from 10 senators and 20 representatives, half Democrats and half Republicans.”


Illinois bloggers comment:

Illinois Issues Blog breaks down the HJCRA 31 proposal the senate passed.

Change of Subject blogger Eric Zorn: Gov. Pat Quinn on board all along.

“Quinn has championed the idea of recall since his days as a mere gadfly, and this resolution is his baby, he said. He limited it to the governor’s office only because “you’ve got to start somewhere” and many pols are fearful of putting such a tool into voters’ hands.”

IllinoisDemNet: Recall is Just Plain Dumb.

The Capitol Fax Blog:

“The Question: Considering all the limitations (15 percent of the electorate have to sign petitions, plus all those legislators), would you label this proposal merely symbolic or potentially useful?”

Clout Street:

“Several Democrats and Republicans suggested the proposal should have gone further than just allowing voters to consider whether they should be able to recall a governor. Earlier ideas on recall would have added state lawmakers and other officials to those who could be recalled by voters. But many also realized that a vote against recall, no matter what the reason, would be a tough vote to explain to voters already fed up with state government.”

Illinois Review:

“In the history of this country, only two recalls happened. One was aborted because the governor was impeached before the recall vote. The other was Gray Davis, a magnificient failure.”

Quote of the Day:

“I’m fearful of it, too. I worry that it will give too much power to interest groups with the money to mount petition drives and make elected officials even more skittish than they already are.”
-Eric Zorn, Change of Subject