The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 01:18AM

UPDATE:10/16/09: Boyce Watkins video added

This is not the first time Mr. Williams has been attacked like this.  Newsbusters writer Matthew Balan noted that on a CNN program aired in September of 2007,  African American Syracuse University professor and blogger Boyce Watkins called Mr. Williams a “happy negro” after comparing FNC host Bill O’Reilly to Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Video below)





UPDATE 10/16/09 : Mr. Ballentine talked about the response from those not at all pleased with his “porch” remark on his online radio show today saying the following (AUDIO):

BALLENTINE: Boy, they’re hitting me up on twitter, boy.  These white folks…’call Warren Ballentine out! He told Juan Williams to go back to the porch! They’re mad those conservatives. ‘ How dare you get on our negro who is defending us!’ Let me tell everybody who is a conservative who is listening to the show right now.  Rush Limbaugh has created a perception of being racially divisive.  I have every right to say that.  Now if you want to take what I said about Juan Williams as racial, you go right ahead.  All I said was he could go back to the porch.  I didn’t call him a house negro.  I said he could go back to the porch.  Now if you took it as such, then that means you view him as that.


Juan Williams and Warren Ballentine joined Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Thursday to debate accusations of so-called racist statements (all of which have been debunked or put into context)being attributed to conservaitve talk radio star Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Williams defended Mr. Limbaugh, while Mr. Ballentine attacked Mr. Limbaugh.  Newsbusters writer Mark Finkelstein noted towards the end of the debate, Mr. Ballentine, an African American author and talk radio host made a racial slur towards Mr. Williams.:

Warren Ballantine uttered the insult on this evening’s Countdown.
BILL O’REILLY: The reason that Limbaugh is not going to be able to buy into the NFL is because a bunch of made-up stuff became legend, and he got hammered.

WARREN BALLANTINE: OK, we won’t look at the made-up stuff.  Let’s look at him playing “Barack The Magic Negro”, and we’re going to say that’s just funny, that’s just a joke, that’s not racial either. It is racial to real black people.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Hey Warren, you were saying my argument was a red herring. Maybe you should do some research, go back and find out that it was an article written by a black person, headlined “Barack The Magic Negro.”

BALLANTINE: He made it a song and played it on his show.

WILLIAMS: So what? He was making fun of it.

BALLANTINE: You can go back to the porch, Juan. You can go back.  It’s OK.

O’REILLY: All right guys: good debate, good-spirited debate.

Mr. Ballentine later bragged about the incident on his twitter page. (truthfighter1):

“ok howd i do u hear me tell jaun back to the porch lmao”

“is about to watch me on oreily it starts in 60 sec my popcorn is so buttery lol”

“oh make sure u hear my last shot a jaun williams it was a killer if i say so myself lol”

“just recorded bill oreliy man it was heated they may not invite me back lol iam so the truth lol”

It is extraordinarily ironic Mr. Ballentine is complaining about racism from Rush Limbaugh, yet in the very same breath manages to insult Mr. Williams with a racial slur.  Hopefully, Mr. Ballentine will not be invited back on to the program.