The Washington Times - October 2, 2009, 01:56PM

The first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate took place last night.  Below, the first section offers critical analysis and GOP quotes.  Second section opens the debate to bloggers.



Capitol Quickies:

Campaigns focus on managing day-after interpretations of debate.

Fact Checking government job cuts debate.

Vote: Who won?

GOP reactions to debate here and here.

Latest Daily Kos poll shows Christie ahead.



Conservatives With Attitude:

“If the debate was a horse race, Christie finished fourth in a three horse race.”

Blue Jersey writes debate Haiku:

“First debate is done
“Christie’s plans still don’t exist
“like the tooth fairy”

NJ Tax Revolution

“Who is Jon Corzine kidding? Mr. “I didn’t take this job to be scrooge” has always considered new taxes as a FIRST resort. And the fact that Corzine thinks the public will believe this blatant lie just shows how little respect he has for the voters in New Jersey.”

Dan Cirucci’s blog analyzes every candidate.

“Corzine was hopelessly ill at ease last night. His answers were choppy at best. His voice was weak. His grasp of the issues was shockingly unsteady. He really did seem to be in another universe.

“When Chris Christie said of the Governor: “You have to wonder where he’s living,” I wanted to yell out: “The Hamptons!”

The Save New Jersey Blog: “Christie Won First Debate On the Points.”

Cleary’s NoteBook:

“In tonight’s debate, NJN failed to press the candidates on a host of important issues, and the candidates, not surprisingly, failed to address said issues.”