The Washington Times - October 20, 2009, 03:21PM

A second debate is past and only two weeks now remain in the race for the governor’s office in New Jersey.  An average of all polls taken show Republican candidate Chris Christie leading incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine by just one percentage point.  Independent candidate Chris Daggett controls double digit support in most polls.

New Jersey bloggers comment:



PolitickerNJ: Christie wins debate, Corzine a close second.

Democrats and Republicans react and spin debate.

Local GOP reaction to debate.

Politics Patrol: Debates Lively.

“Independent Chris Daggett:  “I’ve got to buy you a calculator, Mr. Christie, because your numbers don’t add up. They never add up. No plan at all, no plan. We have to deal with balancing the budget, yet, but we have to be responsible stewards.

“Chris Christie:  “I’m going to be more than happy to take Mr. Daggett’s calculator and get you a dictionary, Mr. Daggett, because only you can take a $4 billion tax increase and call it a tax cut.

“Gov. Corzine said this about his failed 800 percent toll hike plan which resulted in the Flying Pigs Rally at the Statehouse:  corzine5_edited“There’s no question that the plan that I laid down was too much, too fast for the circumstances, particularly in the context of a recession that we took on.”

Daily Record: Debate a “dud.”

“…the debate was more or less a repeating of well-known positions.”

Candidates wrestle with one word answers.

Corzine post-debate press conference notes.

Which campaign won week of Oct. 16?

In Willingboro, Corzine seen as “man who discovered Barack Obama.”

Save New Jersey: Liberals apologize for Corzine, the “lovable idot.”

What Corzine chose not to say at Debate.

Save New Jersey offers video spiff of Corzine’s love for Obama.


Christie: Obama can’t sit in the governor’s chair.

Save New Jersey:

“Yes - we finally arrived at the heart of the matter last night in Wayne, New Jersey. Before a large and enthusiastic crowd in a packed college auditorium, Chris Christie competently articulated the fundamental philosophical difference between himself and his opponents: a traditional American belief that the taxpayers’ right to prosper should take precedence over Trenton’s big government appetites.

Christie’s alligiance to George W. Bush used against him.

Conservatives With Attitude: Christie’s Cheerleader Blog Consistently Inconsistent

Christie spends $ recklessly as U.S. Attorney.


Daggett says poll analysis misleading.

R-Sam Thompson: Daggett’s plan will not reduce property taxes for most; will increase taxes on Middle Class.

Dan Cirucci: Daggett’s tax rasing scheme

Daggett  unable to name Supreme Court Justices.


Courier News endorses Christie.

Courier-Post Endorses Christie, Calls Corzine’s Bluff.

Home News Tribune endorses Christie.

NYT endorses Corzine.

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorses Corzine.

Star-Ledger, NJ’s largest paper, Endorses Daggett

Dan Cirucci:

“Isn’t it interesting that two real New Jersey newspapers have endorsed Chris Christie for Governor while two phony, out-of-state interlopers have endorsed Corzine?

Save New Jersey on newspaper endorsments: There’s No Accounting for Taste.


How Bloomberg can influence NJ race.

Blue Jersey: New Jersey talk shows host candidates and discuss the race.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Kaplan.

Quote of the Day:

“Despite my not-so-secret disapproval of the Corzine years, I’m still shocked to see some of Corzine’s closest media allies at a complete loss when the time came to fall in line like good liberals and string together a few nice words about his tenure. It’s an amazing and devastating critique of this administration. Do we really want four more years under a governor we need to apologize for?”

-Save New Jersey