The Washington Times - October 22, 2009, 02:30PM

“America, ACORN lied to you.”  

That’s the familiar ‘duh’ message revisited as James O’ Keefe and bust ACORN again, this time with a video from the organization’s Philadelphia office.

Expect this video to spur more controversy with opponents than previous videos. The video’s sound was edited to mute the voice of ACORN employee Katherine Conway Russell’s due to legal issues surrounding O’Keefe, partner Hannah Giles and, publisher of BigGovernment, Andrew Breitbart.

“We muted the audio of the ACORN employees on the video released today due to ACORN’s legal attack upon us. We call upon ACORN to state publicly now that it has no objection to the public release of any its employees oral statements to us.  If they are interested in the truth, why wouldn’t they do so?,” O’ Keefe said on BigGovernment.


With or without sound, the video still undermines testimony from ACORN workers that O’Keefe and partner Hannah Giles were quickly dismissed and escorted out of the Philly office. Instead, the video shows nothing different than past videos: a young prostitute and her politician/pimp boyfriend warmly accepted by an ACORN employee.

As Breitbart asked at Wednesday’s press conference, why didn’t national press see the (duh) lies spread by ACORN that the duo was kicked out of several offices, including Philly?

Now the press is facing further embarrassment as more videos, undoubtedly just as damning, will soon be released, Breitbart said Wednesday.

The Philadelphia video demolishes a prepared statement from Katherine Conway Russell, the office employee who helped O’Keefe and Giles, highlighting several hysterical lies.

There are also major contradictions to a police report filed July 24 by ACORN. At no point is O’ Keefe seen causing anything near a verbal disturbance as stated in the report. After a long meeting, he and Giles are pleasantly walked to the door, confirming a later meeting date with ACORN representatives.

O’Keefe: “At no point were we kicked out and at no point were we asked to leave.”

So does this mean Neil Herrmann, ACORN’s lead Philidelphia organizer, is caught lying to the media? You judge.


“In Philadelphia,  Neil Herrmann,  ACORN’s lead organizer there,  said the couple was kicked out after talking to a counselor “for a few minutes.” They called to set up an appointment the day before the visit.

“At first when the counselor came, she wasn’t going to take them back, ” Herrmann said. “But they had made an appointment. When he mentioned the 13-year-old girls,  they were asked to leave.”