The Washington Times - October 25, 2009, 10:47PM

Passages from the Koran are appearing spontaneously on the skin of a baby in southern Russia. Nine-month-old Ali Yakubov, a.k.a. Koran Baby, has become a sensation in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, which is 90% Muslim. His parents claim that the signs began when the word “Allah” appeared on his chin, and longer passages began emerging on his arms and legs twice weekly.

Pilgrims are coming from across Russia to witness the miracle baby. A local Iman notes that “the Koran forecasts that before the end of the world, there may be people with its sayings on their bodies.” Others speculate that this is a case of dermatographic urticaria, also known as “skin writing” and that the parents or some other party are perpetrating a hoax. But unlike Balloon Boy, this hoax inspires the type of fanaticism that can kill people. Hopefully Russian child protective services will investigate the parents for child abuse.