The Washington Times - October 26, 2009, 03:32PM

A week past since the Justice Department announced it will no longer prosecute users of medical marijuana in state’s where it’s legal.  The announcement has caught states off-guard and sent some reeling for a way to regulate medical marijuana without help from the feds.

New York Times:

“Health and law enforcement officials around the nation are scrambling to figure out how to regulate medical marijuana now that the federal government has decided it will no longer prosecute legal users or providers.


“For years, since the first medical marijuana laws were passed in the mid-1990s, many local and state governments could be confident, if not complacent, knowing that marijuana would be kept in check because it remained illegal under federal law, and that hard-nosed federal prosecutors were not about to forget it.

“But with the Justice Department’s announcement last week that it would not prosecute people who use marijuana for medical purposes in states where it is legal, local and state officials say they will now have to take on the job themselves.”

The article also says that some states, like California and Colorado, face significant confusion with imposed bans on distribution that contradict state legalization laws, while others states, like New York and New Jersey, are expected to seriously pursue legal medical marijuana referendums.

Blogs below are taken from several states profoundly affected by the Obama administrations apathetic pot policies.  Unfortunately, not all states struggling with the new policy are represented due to an infrequent amount of blogs.


Post-Ed notes: Denver councilman seeks to rein in medical marijuana.

5280: Why one Colorado legislator is worried about the growing medical marijuana industry.

“State Senator Chris Romer fears the medical marijuana industry is growing too quickly and might be abused at a time when health officials are receiving an average of 600 requests daily for medical-marijuana cards, writes The Denver Post.”

Will Lawmakers Change Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Rules?

Orange Punch: Newspaper seeks marijuana critic.


“Whether you support pot for medicinal (or recreational) use, there’s really not a dispute that the legal gray area for cities is a nightmare.  Cities are fighting expensive legal battles to get control of dispensary proliferation, which in an unregulated environment are rife for public safety issues.”

Zuma Report: Jane Usher of City Attorney’s Office comments on medical marijuana.

Friendly Fire:

“If we’re intent on and comfortable with the current charade of storefront medical marijuana dispensaries doing the wink-wink/nod-nod as they supply pot to anybody savvy enough to get a dubious prescription from an equally dubious MD (and arrive bearing cash), then by all means we should proceed with our current situation. By that I mean a medical marijuana shop on every corner of L.A., a target for armed robbers and a magnet for … people who like pot.”


Free State Blogs: US Attorney for NH says he won’t prosecute medical marijuana patients

The stage may be set for an override.


New Mexico Independent: Medical marijuana regs ease but border questions linger in NM.


Oregon Business Report: Washington Courts: Medical Marijuana Workplace Rights.

OregonCommentator: Pot Progress


The New York Observer: Gallup poll says 44 percent of Americans support legalization. America’s lone state-licensed weed dealer.


The Michigan Messenger: State says nearly 8,000 residents have applied for medical marijuana cards