The Washington Times - October 29, 2009, 01:39PM

From a bear hug to no contact at all?  Bloggers in Florida are asking what happened to the governor’s chummy relationship with President Barack Obama.

President Obama visited Florida Monday and Tuesday, but Gov. Crist never met with him, or even acknowledged his presense.  The governor told reporters he didn’t even know the pop-star president was even in town.  Crist appears to be distancing himself from the democrat president in light of a tight primary race for senate against a conservative candidate.


From The Washington Times:

“…Gov. Charlie Crist was noticeably absent from all of the president’s events in Florida on Monday and Tuesday. He did not appear once with Mr. Obama, and even went so far as to imply Tuesday that he had just found out that Mr. Obama was in his state.

“‘First I’ve heard of it,’ he told local reporters of Mr. Obama’s trip. A spokeswoman for the governor later said, when pressed to clarify, that Mr. Crist “did not know the president’s exact itinerary.

“State politics is a big reason why Mr. Crist, who is running for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Mel Martinez in September, was not eager to be seen with Mr. Obama. Mr. Crist is being pressed hard on his right flank in the Republican primary by former GOP House Speaker Marco Rubio, a 38-year-old son of Cuban immigrants.”

Florida bloggers comment:

Pensito Review: Trying to look Republican, Florida Gov. claims he didn’t know Pres. Obama was in state.

“Shocked reporters didn’t let Crist’s assertion that he knew nothing about the proposed visit, which has pretty much lead every news broadcast in the state for the past week, stand. They kept getting the governor on record throughout the day.

“Don’t expect Charlie to start telling the truth now. He’s down in the polls and truly worried about his chances for grabbing that Senate seat.”

Florida Politics: That’s our Charlie…

“‘It was a bizarre Tuesday for Charlie Crist.’

“He began by burnishing his reputation as being dumb as a box of rocks…”

The Buzz: Democrats use Crist as tool during Obama visit.

“The Republican National Committee welcomed President Obama to Florida today with a biting radio ad in Miami. Democrats responded today by holding up Republican Gov. Charlie Crist’s support of the economic stimulus and reciting Wall Street Journal stories showing the package’s positive effect on the economy.”

Blast Off: Crist backpedalling from Obama as fast as he can.

“The governor is trying desperately to extricate himself from the mess he created for himself with the wingnuts who control the GOP in Florida when he accepted federal stimulus money and appeared with the president in February. But when he pulls stunts like this, it just makes him look petty and equivocal.

“Heckuva job, Charlie. You just keep digging, now, y’hear?”

Naked Politics:

“Is there a full moon? First Forbes columnist Reihan Salam offers Gov. Charlie Crist as ‘America’s worst governor...’

“And now The Washington Post’s The Fix column is running a highly unscientific poll that offers Crist as one of six choices for ‘most overrated’ governor in the United States. Crist and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are currently running neck and neck for that ‘win,’ based on over 2,500 votes so far, with the two toggling back and forth in the first place spot.”

The Buzz: Crist pens response to analysis of his schedule.

Charlie Crist allies start swinging at Marco Rubio

Bark Bark Woof Woof: Crist tries conservative and blunders.

“We’re beginning to see a pattern here. Ever since he’s decided to run for the Senate, he’s tried to suck up to the right wing. He’s selling himself as a fiscal conservative, bragging in a radio ad that he is responsible for cutting the state budget by 10%. Politifact rates that claim as Barely True since the state constitution requires a balanced budget and tax revenues are way off because of the recession.”

TBO Blogs: Why Marco Rubio should be rooting for Doug Hoffman.

Naked Politics: Is Rubio a proxy for Jeb v. Crist?

The Buzz: Crist opposes health care ‘public option.’

The Fine Print: Would Marco Rubio have said no to the stimulus money? Maybe or maybe not.

Central Florida Political Pulse: Crist urges PSC to delay rate hike, and it listened!

Quote of the Day:

“For a man as tuned into political news coverage as Gov. Charlie Crist is, it seems odd he missed one big story Monday: President Barack Obama coming to Florida.

“We’re pretty sure it got some play in a newspaper or two.”
-Central Florida Political Pulse